5 cosy, awe-inspiring and grounding free nature activities for winter

5 cosy, awe-inspiring and grounding free nature activities for winter

Take some time for yourself and your relationship with the more-than-human world this winter season with these five free, cosy, awe-inspiring and grounding activities.


christmas crackers on a table

For those of you celebrating Christmas or New Year with crackers (this what a cracker is in case you aren't based in the UK), why not get cosy with some festive music, biscuits and a mulled wine or apple juice and make your own with this free template complete with reindeer and spruce tree illustrations by me, Agnes Becker?


At this time of year nights are long and days short. Embrace the dark nights with my free Night Sky Nature Journaling Project, created to introduce you to the wonder of looking up. When you sign up you'll get a preparation email as well as 3 days of prompts sent direct to your inbox with videos from me showing my nature journal prompt answers. 

If you want to take your stargazing journey further you may enjoy the Stars & Stories Winter Stargazing Adventure Pack, £107, where you'll get to know the science and mythical stories of three constellations in greater depth from the comfort of your home or garden - a fantastic gift for loved ones looking for experiences rather than things.


starling murmuration letter template on a table

Use my free Scots pine or Starling murmuration printable letter templates to write a letter to your future self at the end of 2023. What would you like to have happened? How do you want to feel? This would be a wonderful activity to do on the Winter Solstice.



One of my all time nature podcasts at the moment is For The Wild - An Anthology for the Anthropocene hosted by Ayana Young. It is a beautifully produced and thoughtfully put together and covers topics such as the struggle to protect wild nature, to promote ecological renewal and resistance and to heal from the disconnection furthered by consumer culture and human supremacy.

You may also want to listen to me talk with Sas Petherick on her podcast, Courage & Spice, on the fact that we are stardust or with Alana Holloway on her podcast, Reframing Chronic Illness, on What Nature Can Teach Us About Our Bodies.


Frozen seed heads

During this time of year we spend (even) more time inside. Create a simple daily ritual to ground yourself into the seasonal context by noticing how you are affected by what is happening outside. I try to go out for a few minutes with a cup of something warm every morning and every evening. In the morning I express my thanks for the more-than-human world around me, naming individual local plants, animals, fungi, elements, landscapes that are calling me that day. In the evening I go out and look up at the night sky and thank the air for protecting me from the vastness of space and literally giving me breath.

Let me know one of your grounding winter rituals in the comments below.


Wishing you a restful winter break

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