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We are stardust explores...Interview with artist Raahat Kaduji

I first discovered Raahat's evocative nature-inspired illustrations online through Instagram. I love the worlds she creates in her artwork - scenes of flourishing wildlife, stories of animals off on an adventure or snoozing in the afternoon sun. Raahat is an illustrator based in Oxfordshire, UK. She has an Etsy shop filled with her creatures and nature scenes. I am honoured to have Raahat take part in this interview for the we are stardust explores... blog series. The series will see me interview artists and scientists, asking each of them exactly the same questions to the worlds of science and art, their similarities, difference, how they intersect and can learn and benefit from each other. In this interview, Raahat tells us how her childhood spent amongst trees,...

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Five facts about tea

To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week this week, we are stardust has interviewed the wonderful Sally Gurteen at JING Tea to bring you five facts you should know about tea. Make a brew, pick up a cucumber sandwich or a mini Victoria sponge and have a read... 1. Tea is mostly grown in Asia The predominant tea growing regions are within Asia due to the climate and diversity of terroir, but the popularity of African teas is on the rise for example, and we've even heard rumours that it's being grown in Scotland. Essentially, tea can be grown in most places but to really get wonderful taste, you have to source from areas where tea has long been part of the culture...

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