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Starling murmuration painted in black acrylic ink on a grey-blue watercolour wash sky

The sun of fading creatures shivers with your heartbeat, they fly over the stories held in the peat, telling their own in a million wingbeats. Like the rush in a seashell or a hum in the maize or the mutter of pages turned in haste..."
- Starling Song by Kitty Macfarlane


Muted grey skies painted with watercolour and natural acorn cap ink are filled with the life of a million wingbeats as charcoal, black acrylic ink and watercolour starlings burst into the heavens filling them with mesmerising murmurations. 

On autumn and winter evenings starlings migrate to Britain's shores, gathering at dusk in their thousands to perform mesmerising, swirling murmurations just above the skyline. No one knows why they come together and create such beauty - perhaps it is a dance of joy as they find their flock and return to their winter home.

In what feels like an ever more divided society these murmurations represent unity and togetherness – a reminder to find your flock and together, create beauty.

My hope is that these prints, titled after the lyrics of Kitty Macfarline's beautiful Starling Song, act as a loving reminder that you are connected to the more-than-human world. As you glance at your wall, I want you to know that you belong.

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