'Rest a while ' snowy branch card
'Rest a while ' snowy branch card
'Rest a while ' snowy branch card

'Rest a while ' snowy branch card


In the deep midwinter as the weak sun rises and the last snowflakes flutter to the ground and settle on the branches of dormant trees you look outside your window, a mug of steaming tea in your hands... 

Celebrating the restful qualities of winter, this snowy branch of a dormant tree, reminds us to take thing slowly and save energy during the colder months.

Graced with watercolour by Agnes Becker this card is the perfect way to remind loved ones to rest a while. 

Size: 10.5 x 14.8 cm
recycled brown fleck Kraft
Card: 300gsm 100% recycled card
Medium: watercolour, dip pen and ink, Photoshop

Front: Rest a while
Back of snowy branch card:
In winter, deciduous trees survive the cold temperatures and lack of sunlight by slowing down and saving as much energy as possible. To start this state of dormancy trees lose their leaves (to prevent water loss and save energy) and slow down growth (to make the most of their food stores as they don’t have leaves to produce new food through photosynthesis). During autumn Abscisic acid, ABA, builds up in the buds, signaling the leaves to fall. ABA in the buds also starts the production of callose. Callose blocks the channels between growth cells, preventing the cells from communicating and growing new leaves. It takes a long, cold period to break up the callose blocks meaning the buds don’t start to grow until spring.


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