Seasonal adventures

Night sky with trees silhouetted. Credit: Wil Stewart, Unsplash

Credit: Wil Stewart, Unsplash

"Every one of us is a memorial to long-dead stars. Every one of us was quite literally made in heaven.” – Marcus Chown, The Magic Furnace

Stardust Adventures deepen our connection with and belonging to an aspect of nature – from fungal networks in the earth to fiery stars billions of miles away.

There are two types of adventures:

  • Self-led adventures where you get a pack of adventure materials to encourage you to deepen your connection with the more-than-human world alongside an optional pop up online community space to share your discoveries with other self-led adventurers
  • Stardust adventures where I invite you to join a nourishing community of starry-eyed learners and together we embark on virtual seasonal adventures

Stardust Adventures

Each adventure will take you on a journey of learning and discovery through science, creativity and mindfulness through art and connection to the earth and each other through community. Guided by me, Agnes Becker, we are all equal in our learning. We support each other to make space for more moments of wonder in nature. We inspire each other with our discoveries about and creative expressions to the Earth and our place in it. We collectively deepen our sense of belonging.

At the end of each seasonal adventure, you’ll feel enriched and more deeply connected to the area of natural wonder we have explored, as well as having met a group of like-minded, lifelong learners.


What will joining a Stardust Adventure will gift you?

Example Stardust Society welcome pack
  • Before we start you’ll gather your kit for your adventures and receive your seasonal we are stardust welcome box
  • A guidebook of journaling questions and short creative exercises that will help you:
    • discover more about the seasonal topic
    • create and play through words, pictures and drawing 
    • connect 
    • A safe space and supportive community to connect and share your findings from each week’s prompts and creative exercises with like-minded starry-eyed learners
    • Inspirational posts – quotes, videos, links, Pinterest boards
    • Bonus talks and workshops with Agnes Becker and guest speakers

    Who are the Stardust Adventures for?

    Path into the woods credit: Will Stevens, Unsplash

    You will be welcomed into a Stardust Adventure with open arms if:

    • You want to enrich your experience of being in nature with learning and creativity but don’t know where to start
    • You want to connect with the Earth and all her living beings more deeply but never find the time or headspace to do this
    • You love learning about nature from all disciplines and people but have never found a community where learning is free of judgement
    • You want to learn more about the world through science but feel what you read when you look things up is too complicated and overwhelming or believe you aren’t clever enough
    • You want to respond to your experience of being in nature with creative art projects but don’t know where to start or believe you are “rubbish at drawing/writing/making”

    Stardust Adventures may not be the best place for you if:

    • You want to learn technical terminology and get very specific about scientific methodology
    • You want a step-by-step guide to exploring the world through science and art
    • You are looking for a very directed course with a leader to take you through learning about an area of nature (I will act as more of a guide, encouraging others to share their findings and creations)
    • You feel some areas of learning about the world are superior to others, e.g. science is 'better' than art