Rooted greetings card
Rooted greetings card
Rooted greetings card
Rooted greetings card
Rooted greetings card

Rooted greetings card


Under the earth of the ancient forests is a deep network of roots, connecting, interweaving, whispering, supporting, competing, nourishing. This card invites you to enter the world of mycorrhizal (fungi-root) partnerships - a messy, entanglement of the more-than-human world.

Text on front: Rooted
Inside text: blank
Text on back: 
“Nature...seems increasingly better understood in fungal an assemblage of entanglements of which we are messily part.”
– from Underland by Robert Macfarlane. 
Deep under ancient forests, trees and fungi form partnerships through mycorrhizal networks. Over centuries tree roots and fungal filaments entangle themselves together. Fungi provide the trees with extra water and nutrients, such as phosphorus to make new roots, and the trees provide fungi with carbohydrates created through photosynthesis. Trees also use the networks to help their neighbours and children by sharing nutrients and information as well as to spread toxic chemicals that damage unwelcome plants. We are only just starting to understand these networks and their complex set of connections and entanglements.

Size: 10.5 × 14.8 cm 
Envelope: Recycled brown fleck Kraft 
Card: 300gsm Soft Castillo White, Forestry Stewardship Council certified 
Medium: acrylic ink and graphite pencil

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