Take my hand - let us run on the damp earth and feel the freedom, wonder and joy of being alive


“I don't think [the meaning of life] is what we're seeking. I think [it's] an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive."

- Joseph Campbell

What does it mean to be alive right now? How can we find our way back to belonging and fill our lives with joy, wonder and awe while honouring the pain and grief in our ecosystems and bodies? When you look deep inside, when you place your feet on the earth and turn your head up to the wind and rain and sun and stars – what are you seeking?

Deep in your bones you yearn to find your way home to the wild. You are beginning to recognise that both wildlife and your inner wildish nature is endangered. You are questioning the way things are, the way you are expected to be, to fit in, to work.

And yet you have been taught to believe your need to be in relationship with nature is a waste of time, a luxury, that it’s not OK for “people like you”, that you are alone in your love for the earth…

We are an integral part of the universe and our living, breathing planet. The atoms that make our body, the soil, the trees, the starling, the badger, the fly agaric were all made in the fiery furnaces of long dead stars – we are all stardust. When our ecosystems are in pain, so are we.

I believe that living with your inner nature and the nature of the more-than-humn world is a fundamental human need.

So come, enrich your life so it is dripping with morning dew, interwoven with mycelium and roots, pumping with silty rivers, singing birdsong, screaming like foxes, entangled with wildflowers and moss, burning with stars, laughing in the twilit forest, crying for the moon – join us on a year of seasonal adventures to rewild your soul.

Together we fellow strange-folk, odd-kin and quietly courageous dear ones will wander into ancient forests, gaze at burning winter stars, seek hidden nests in the hedgerow and feel the powerful transformation of flower to seed in the summer meadow.

Together we will travel into the wilderness, discover enchantment, grief, magic, wonder, awe and fall in rapture with being alive on this messy, beautiful planet.

What will we explore?

Over the year we will explore four interwoven themes to help you deepen your relationship with your local land and your inner nature through seasonal adventures.

Join Agnes Becker and fellow quietly courageous dear ones as we embark on a year of seasonal adventures and travel through ancient forests, gaze at the burning winter stars, look for secret nests in the hedgerow and feel the powerful transformation of flower to seed in the summer meadow.

As we deepen our relationship with our local land we begin to awaken the wild within, exploring the meaning and wisdom of nature through seasonal themes from exploring our roots and values in Autumn and our dreams and life stories in Winter, to creating a supportive nest in our homes in Spring and exploring joy and being a good ancestor and what we will do with our one, wild and precious life in Summer.

Together we will emerge with a renewed sense of belonging
and knowing - for we are part of everything. We are made of stardust.


Nest | Adventure into the wild hedgerow

In Spring we adventure into the wild hedgerow where birds weave their homes. Together we will connect with our avian kin, their precious homes and our own needs for nesting. Together we will seek to understand what it means when our ultimate home – the earth – is changing, and amongst this change create a loving, nourishing home for us to...be. It is time to rekindle the quiet joy of a safe nest buried in the tangled hedgerow.


Joy | Adventure to the wildflower meadow

In Summer we adventure to the wildflower meadow where flowers unfold, insects thrive and precious seeds are made. Together we will embrace the lightness and joy of the season and notice, wonder, discover, create, and connect with ancient, entangled grasslands and the power of seeds. Together we will find our joy imagining and creating a better future as good ancestors. It is time to step into the world with lightness, imagination, compassion, healing and joy to collectively plant seeds for a better world. Let us ask ourselves, “what is it I plan to do with this one wild and precious life?”


Root | Adventure under the ancient forest

In Autumn we explore the complex world of roots and fungi under the earth of our oldest woodlands - and our own needs for roots and nourishment. Together we will notice, wonder, discover, create and connect with this landscape and the messy, entangled world of mycorrhizal (fungi-root)
networks. It is time for observation and learning, understanding and healing. It is time to feel rooted again.


Dream | Adventure into the night sky

We begin our winter adventure embracing quiet, stillness, rest. Together we will reopen the dreaming space and envision how we'd like our lives to unfold in the year ahead. We allow ourselves to pause, look at the stars, feel the stories of our ancestors in our bones and fill our souls with wonder and awe. It is time to reopen the dreaming space.

About Agnes Becker

"I created Rewild Your Soul to deepen our relationship with and belonging to nature."

Agnes Becker is an artist and science communicator who
feels most at home with family and friends, immersed in nature. After a degree in Natural Sciences and a Masters in Science Media Production, Agnes spent 10 years working in universities with scientists. In 2016 Agnes created we are stardust as a way to deepen our experience of the messy, beautiful universe through art and science.

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  • Workshops, gatherings and talks

    Campfire gatherings to share discoveries and challenges.

    Talks and workshops to spark creativity, inspire us and expand our knowledge and perspectives.

    A Harvest Festival virtual retreat to gather what we have learned over our journey.

  • Guidebooks, private podcast and resources

    Six seasonal guidebooks per adventure filled with nature activities, journaling questions and creative exercises.

    Gentle prompts to encourage you to go outside and get to know your local woodland, night sky, nesting birds and meadows.

    Access to a private podcast of all guidebook chapters, campfire gatherings and speaker talks and workshops.

    A resource list of inspirational books, podcasts, poems and artworks to explore further.

  • Community space and bonus offers

    A supportive community space on Circle without adverts and distractions.

    Access to a forest of bonus nature offers, worth £260.

  • Gift boxes

    Seasonal gift boxes including exclusive seasonal greetings cards by Agnes Becker no longer available for retail purchase in the shop.

  • Slow, deep work

    Journeying through the seasonal adventures for a year gives you the space and depth to allow this new way of engaging with the world to root deep into your bones. Change is not immediate, rather it is a gradual building up of new ways of noticing and being. Over time, you will see how getting to know the more-than-human world more deeply has changed you.

  • Your journey

    Rewild Your Soul provides a broad route to start your journey getting to know your own inner nature and the nature of the more-than-human world. Within each seasonal adventure you are encouraged to seek your own meandering path – to wander where your curiosity and creativity takes you – knowing you have the support and encouragement of a community that understands.

  • Flexible and accessible

    Rewild Your Soul encourages adventurers to spend time outside as much as possible however, the prompts are designed (as much as possible) to be done whether you have a garden or not, whether you can walk into the wilderness or not, whether you live in the country or the city. Nature is everywhere – including you because you are a body.

  • Supportive community

    The Rewild Your Soul community is curated to be a supportive, loving yet also courageous place. We support each other to make space for more moments of wonder in nature. We inspire each other with our discoveries about and creative expressions to the Earth and our place in it. We collectively deepen our sense of belonging.


You can join Rewild Your Soul for 6 months - or two consecutive adventures - or 12 months - all four adventures. Six and 12 month payment plans are available.

You will also be able to rejoin Rewild Your Soul the following year for a nominal investment of £300 for the same six months or £500 for 12 months.

Enrolment closes 27 March 2023.

Get ready for Rewild Your Soul - A Year of Seasonal Adventures.


I can't wait to welcome you in.

Agnes xxx

Hear from alumni


Is Rewild Your Soul for me?

You are welcome with open arms if:

You want to enrich your experience of being in nature with learning and creativity but don’t know where to start

You want to connect with the Earth and all her living beings more deeply but never find the time or headspace to do this

You love learning about nature from all disciplines and people but have never found a community where learning is free of judgement about how much you do/don’t know

You want to learn more about the world through science but feel what you read when you look things up is too complicated and overwhelming or believe you aren’t clever enough

You want to respond to your experience of being in nature with creative art projects but don’t know where to start or believe you are “rubbish at drawing”

You love being part of a diverse community of people from all walks of life who love the connecting with the more-than-human world

The adventure not be the best experience for you if:

You want to learn technical terminology and get very specific about scientific methodology

You want a perfect, slick experience. I am a mother working on we are stardust part-time. I am messy and human. I do my best to create a smooth, beautiful experience for you but I will make mistakes. If this is something that would bother you, Rewild Your Soul may not be for you.

You want to tick off identifying as many plants, trees, birds, mushrooms, stars etc. as possible

You want a detailed, step-by-step ‘how to’ guide to exploring the world through science and art

You hope to heal trauma through this experience. While it may help, I am not a therapist and recommend working with a trained professional to address trauma

You are looking for a very directed course with a leader to take you through learning about an area of nature (I will act as more of a guide, encouraging others to share their findings and creations)

You feel some areas of learning about the world are superior to others

What is the time commitment?

You can tailor your adventure to meet your needs.

Minimum: 1 hour each week to spend time with the more-than -human world

Medium: 2 hours each week to also take part in the campfire gatherings, talks and workshops

Maximum: As many hours as you like! Immerse yourself in the journey and see where it takes you!

When are the campfires, talks and workshops?

All campfire, talks and workshops will be held on either Tuesdays, 1-2pm BST/GMT or 7.30-8.30pm BST/GMT as far as possible.

Dates for specific live workshops:

Dusk Chorus Workshop with Agnes Becker, Tuesday 25 April 2022, 1-2pm BST

Nesting birds talk and Q&A with Hazel MacCambridge, Tuesday 9 May 2023, 1-2pm BST

Wildflower and meadow watercolour painting class with Agnes Becker, 4 July 2023, 1-2pm BST

Embracing Joy chat and Q&A with Tamu Thomas, 11 July 2023, 1-2pm BST

Harvest Festival virtual day retreat (includes ink making workshop), 31 August 2023, 10am - 3pm BST (workshops will be held from 12 noon BST onwards)

All talks will be recorded and posted in the community space and there will be a chance to ask speakers questions in advance.

I live in a city, can I still take part?

Yes! Nature is everywhere - including you! Prompts have been designed to be adapted to urban and rural living.

I don't live in the UK, can I still take part?

Yes! Adventurers have joined from from the USA, France and Mallorca as well as the UK. The prompts will apply to all countries. You may to check you can make the times of the live calls first and might find it useful to get a local field guide or find local identification websites or apps to help you to get to know your local birdlife.

I'm not very sciency or arty - will I be left behind?

I believe all humans are creative and curious. In joining Rewild Your Soul, you become part a nourishing community learners where we are all equal in our learning. There are no 'stupid' questions or 'rubbish' artworks. Instead we get curious and enjoy playful creativity. We support each other to make space for more moments of wonder in nature. We inspire each other with our discoveries about and creative expressions to the Earth and our place in it. We collectively deepen
our sense of belonging.