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Stars and Stories: A Digital Winter Stargazing Pack

Stars and Stories: A Digital Winter Stargazing Pack

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"When we feel awe we suddenly feel like we are part of an integrated is a bring back meaning"

- Dacher Keltner, Awe Scientist


Take yourself and your loved ones on an awe-inspiring journey to a corner of the Northern Hemisphere's night sky with this easy-to-use, accessible digital pack. The pack contains:

  • A beautiful digital guidebook to easily get to know the night sky including information on the science behind awe, inspiring quotes from scientists and authors, a story about the life and death of two star sisters, a star chart and scientific and mythical stories about three winter star formations: Orion, Seven Sisters and Sirius
  • A magical, meditative 20 minute audioguide on YouTube that talks you through the stories in the guidebook - listen as you gaze at the stars or as an imaginary experience if stars are hard to see where you live (there is an image of the night sky if you watch it on YouTube too)
  • A 30 minute starry night sky painting class to awaken your creativity on YouTube demonstrating some of the techniques I use to paint the night sky and encouraging you to get creative and paint your own night sky (this is a recording of a live class).
  • Nature journaling prompts to awaken your curiosity and record your experience
  • Create Your Own Astronomy Events Chart Workshop where you'll join me, Agnes Becker, in a pre-recorded creative online workshop and make an astronomy events chart to put on your wall and remind you to go and look up at the night sky throughout 2023. Perfect to continue your stargazing adventures (also available separately)
  • The Human Cosmos chat and Q&A with author Jo Marchant In this pre-recorded awe-inspiring talk with New York Times bestselling author Jo Marchant takes us on a journey through the human relationship with the night sky, based on her book The Human Cosmos: A Secret History of the Stars. Jo Marchant's writing explores the nature of humanity and our universe, from the mind-body connection to the mysteries of past civilisations and the awesome power of the night sky.

As this is a digital download, the pack will be delivered straight to your inbox as soon as you have bought it. You will also get any future updates to this self-led Winter Stargazing Pack.

You can go stargazing in your garden, on your doorstep or from your window. You can even go on an imaginary stargazing experience using the audioguide if getting outside isn't an option.

"Experiencing the night sky...triggers a host of physical and psychological benefits, from boosting creativity and lowering stress to making us care more about the wellbeing of our planet."

- Jo Marchant, Author of The Human Cosmos

Scientists studying awe are starting to find that experiencing something beyond our comprehension seems to gift us the ability to break out of our everyday thinking and assumptions and see the world afresh.

Please get in touch with me at any time during your self-led adventure with questions:


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